WOTUNKA STUDIOS is a collaboration founded in September 2012 by married artists, Lindsey Gunka and Chris Woten.


LINDSEY GUNKA was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1983, and is currently residing and working in a small town 30 miles West of her hometown Hilliard.  She studied visual art at the Ohio State University, and continued on to gain her k-12 art educator license.   For the past 9 years, she has committed herself to art education in public schools (view the fruit of her art lessons at GunkArt), as well as offering her expertise in facilitating art workshops, festivals, community service events, and gallery exhibitions.  

CHRIS WOTEN was born in Lima, Ohio in 1982, and is also living and working in the same small town.  He studied music at the Ohio State University, and continued to earn his k-12 music educator license.  He committed 6 years to instructing music, including general, digital, and instrumental, in both private and public schools.  Upon realizing the benefits of serving to children with unique needs, he continued to gain expertise in special education and earning his teaching license in the field.  He has been teaching special education for the past 2 years.  He is a member of the Columbus Songwriters’ Association, a group that seeks to encourage and showcase authentic musicianship at the local level.  Visit his facebook page at Chris Woten Music.


For now, the “studios” are figurative, representing a call to action, characterized by many exploits within an intricate journey; taking the founders’ lives through transformation, innovation, correction, diversification, metamorphosis, and refinement.

The essential goal of this journey is to design a community space, which will encourage studio practices such as therapeutic and educational services cultured via the fine arts.  As of now, the canvas is blank, the walls are bear, and the room is waiting to be filled.  In process is a combination of decisive movements, though refinement, and willful fumbling in an attempt to eventually achieve that goal.  Long journeys begin with a single step.  Here are some of the big steps that are in view along the Wotunka Studios’ path.


Purpose: filter through the menial and rescue our life’s true mission.  The skimming of much of our material baggage in an effort to becoming debt-and-stuff-free will help us to dedicate ourselves to experiencing freedom of time, energy, and meaningful experiences.  


Purpose: strut our stuff.  We are committed to expanding on our understanding of, exposure to, and presence in the creative fields by offering our authentic brands as evidence of our efforts and seeking out sources for innovation and productivity.  


Purpose: community that is more than on the surface.  We want to dive into deeper connections with others to enrich relationships and capture the common human experience.  We want to continually learn from others, evolve, and come to know the fruit of community.


When we find ourselves where we are supposed to be, then we will be there.  We fully believe in blossoming where you are planted, and also being receptive to the nourishing of our roots by the surrounding environment.


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